Celtic FC

Produced some storyboards for Celtic FC. They decided to go with a print campaign rather than video and kept me on to produce the illustrations for the billboard and online store. Really pleased with how these turned out! There are a few more illustrations which will be rotated onto the billboard throughout the year.


Mo Salah

Looking forward to the Champions League final tonight. Here's a sketch of Mo Salah done in PS CC. Hope he has another sensational game!


Vodafone Family Squad

Storyboarded this project for Vodafone. The client was so pleased with the results, I was then asked to design the comic-book avatars for the characters!

Vodaphone Family Squad 7.jpg
Vodaphone Family Squad 13.jpg
Vodaphone Family Squad 20e.jpg
Vodaphone Family Squad 26.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 14.32.34.png

Shell Advert

Storyboarded this advert for Shell. It was a nice change of pace working on something less realistic. Great to see what the animators came up with for the final film too.

ER Shell 2.jpg
ER Shell 15b.jpg
ER Shell 17d.jpg
ER Shell 27b.jpg
ER Shell 29b.jpg

Dave Chappelle

Digital painting of Dave Chappelle, done in Photoshop with my trusty, old Wacom Cintiq.


Celebrity Big Brother Titles

Storyboarded the titles for Celebrity Big Brother and included some of the boards below the video. Apologies for the poor quality on the video!

ER_BB 2.jpg
ER_BB 7.jpg
ER_BB 10b.jpg
ER_BB 11.jpg

Honda: Tower of Success Advert

I was called in to storyboard this Honda ad and ended up doing character designs for the trophies. I've also included some of the more abstracted designs that didn't make the cut.


Thoughtbubble Festival 2017

I'll have some of these A4 prints at Thoughtbubble this weekend. Find me at table 33 in the  Leeds Town Hall Marquee with @nedhartley.  #TBF17


Comic Book Page Process

Here are some process shots for the Comic Book Page. I start with a rough sketch, then black and white linework. I then add grey tone and finally colour. 


Comic Book Page

Finally had some time away from Storyboards to complete this. Linework done in Clip Studio Paint and colours done in Photoshop CC.


Private Commission

Digital portrait created in Photoshop CC with my Wacom Cintiq. 

Nick Leaving2.jpg


Just completed two storyboard projects for Feref and Green Parakeet. Still under NDA but will post some other work that I am allowed to show!

Atlanta Details

Here are some detail shots of the Atlanta illustration to show all of the brushwork and rendering that goes into the faces. 

Atlanta detail3.jpg

Storyboard and concept work

Just completed work on two projects for Nexus Studios. Not allowed to show anything yet due to NDAs but you can check out their other work here- Nexus Studios

Will post the artwork as soon as I'm allowed!